Get complete control over your self balancing scooter with mobile APP!

Hoverboards have come a long way and if you happen to have owned a board in the past you will love to know how much they have changed in the past months and the great features that are being included. Recent hoverboards have started including mobile apps that can sync with your self balancing boards and fine tune your riding experience. It might seem gimmicky but it surely does a lot more than you think. Let’s take a closer look at these amazing features on offer through these mobile app controls for self balancing boards. 

Quick switching speed mode: You do not like having to adjust your feet depending on how fast or slow you want to ride? You can always use the mobile app to customize the speeds and get the right experince. It feels like having total control over your riding experience and it not only helps you have a more comfortable riding experience for your board or your self balancing scooter but it also ensures you travel safely without getting into accidents due to high speeds. 

Mileage calculation: You will be able to see how much mileage you are getting each charge and unlike the built in  hoverboardbattery meter you will be able to see how much longer you can travel with the current amount of power you have left. This is a very handy feature to have and you will be able to plan out your trips much better in the future thanks to this. The display works just like a car mileage meter and the longer you use your board the better the accuracy of this feature. 

Fault detection: While we cannot detect internal problems that crop up in hoverboards while riding, the application very well can! You will be able to monitor any kind of issues that that might crop up due  to wear and tear. If anything happens to your board you will be notified immediately so that you can get down and get your betterscooter - hoverboard repaired as soon as possible. This is one of the biggest advantages of the app and it allows you to travel very safely without having to worry about accidents due to technical problems. 

Power display: The power display is a good tool to check the battery level of your board and you will be able to see how much battery life you have left quite easily by turning on the app. It helps you know when to put your board on charge and plan out your trips better. 

Vehicle position:This is a GPS based service that you can use to locate your board using GPS. This is very much like the phone location services that we have and boards that come with GPS chips built in can take advantage of this feature quite easily. You will be able to locate your betterscooter - self balancing scooter if you lose it and the app will be able to find it for you in a jiffy. 

These are some of the top features of this utility app that can make your riding experience a whole lot better and you should grab one as soon as possible to completely change your riding experience and be safer and more efficient on the road. 

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