6 precautions to take with a new hoverboard

The self-balancing electric scooter, known as a hoverboard, has been one of the most talked about devices on the market this year. After getting a hoverboard, you're probably wondering about a few things.It's a fear everyone should have, considering how many incidents of hverboards bursting into flames .You may also be wondering how can take good care of your new hoverboard and use it safe.

Follow these simple tips before taking aspin on the high speed device.

1. Don’t exposure to high temperatures for long time.
Heat may accelerate the aging speed of theinner part of the hoverboard such as wires, batteries even catch fire.

2. Don’t charge the hoverboard immediatelyafter riding
Hoverboard will get hot after you ride it,so if you charging it just after riding, it will increase the temperature of the battery which may damage the battery life.

3. Using the original charger. Each modeland brand of hoverboard has their matching charger. If you used the unmatched charger, it won’t charge or cause short circuit.

4. Avoid 0%. It will damage the battery if the hoverboard is on hibernation modes for a long time. It’s smart to do one full discharge about once a month If you don’t use the hoverboard.

5. Check the battery timely. If you findthat the battery life is dying, you can consider replace a new matching battery.

6. Charge the hoverboard properly. Don’t over charge the hoverboard and the usually the charging time is 1.5 – 2.5 hours.

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